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Dear Fellow Alumni and Well-Wishers,
On behalf of your Alma Mater, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Mumbai Alumni Association (UMAA). Your Alma Mater, the University of Mumbai, is one of the oldest and prime Universities in India. It is one of the first three Universities set up in our country in 1857. Since then it has gradually grown to the present size of 54 University Departments, 820 affiliated colleges, 12 specialized centres, 2 main campuses, 2 sub-campuses, 2 model colleges, and one School of Engineering at Kalyan. It has a long jurisdiction of about 600km, covering districts of Thane, Mumbai, Palghar, Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. It has a glorious past and has thousands of illustrious alumni who have contributed immensely at national and international level. We are proud of our alumni.

Students and alumni are important stake holders of any educational institute and no institution achieve excellence without active support from its alumni. Hence, with the establishment of the UMAA, a long felt need of all of us is fulfilled. It is a platform provided to the alumni, faculty, students and well-wishers to interact and network; and through symbiosis, help the University to achieve excellence. I am very happy about this development and genuinely excited about the symbiotic flourishing and future of the UMAA.

We are going through exciting as well as testing times at UoM. We need new ideas and innovative ways to tackle diverse problems. We need to upgrade our resources. In these efforts our alumni will be of great help. We together can diligently work out effective solutions. There are many ways to give back and contribute to the University. Keep in mind that your success is the success of the University and your giving can make a positive impact on the University Mission.

Visit as often as possible and take active part in all the activities of the UMAA. Through UMAA we would love to know your success stories. Stay connected, and explore and exploit ways to help each other and make the UMAA and the University stronger and stronger.

I look forward to meet you frequently on the campus

With warm regards

Dr. Suhas Pednekar
President, UMAA